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Interesting Writer’s Blogs on Linked-In

by Steven J. Clark on 06/07/13    I have only put my little toe into the incredible pool of people, resources and information available to writers.  One of the corners of the pool is the blog groups that inhabit Linked-In.  I’ve joined three: Fiction Writers Guild, Author U, and the Crime Fiction group.

My only previous experience with ‘groups’ was when I played around a little in AOL’s chat rooms and with some of the writer’s groups on My Space.  Needless to say, based on both experiences, my expectations were not high.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find these Linked-In groups thoughtful, insightful and informative. These groups include a fairly large population of writers whom I consider a lot more sophisticated than I, so as a neophyte, I did not start out posting comments right  away.  I’ve only posted three or four times and have been pleased with the respectful responses I’ve received.  When I compared this experience with some of the mean, spiteful, belittling responses I sometimes received from My Space groups, there was no comparison.   If you’re on Linked-In and are curious or aspire to write, I encourage you to take a look at these groups.


    I have posted the first chapter of my untitled second book in the Sam & Cass series on the website (click the ‘Other Writings’ tab on the main page).  Take a look and see what you think. I would appreciate any feedback you care to leave on this blog.  I’m working on another WordPress blog which I will link to here.  You’ll see it when I get everything designed and linked up.

    Hope you all have a great day.  Keep reading and keep writing

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June 6, 2013 · 5:51 pm

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